Question: Where are the company's products imported from?

Answer: Connect products are imported from Europe and the Far East. We have extensive business relationships with companies in Germany, Italy, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey and Israel. We strive to build relationships with the leading manufacturers, who are the most advanced in the field and offer the best quality. Our company is responsible for the quality and nature of the products, as well the highest standard of service that only we can provide.

Question: Can we get advice and custom-made products?

Answer: Of course, at Connect we are available to answer any question and tackle any challenge that comes our way. Connect's professionals are prepared to offer and tailor smart efficient applicable solutions, that are custom-made for the customer's needs. In addition, Connect's professionals stay up-to-date on the latest global innovations in the field.

Question: What are the lead times?

Answer: The company's standard products are available in our inventory. Special products or products in non-standard sizes are imported from overseas and their lead time can be from a few days to a few weeks. Connect has a large database of available suppliers and is highly capable of locating new suppliers when necessary.